Pirna is at a spot where two worlds meet: the buzz of the city on one hand, unspoilt nature on the other. You have your finger on the pulse of the Baroque metropolis of Dresden, but your windows open onto one of the loveliest rocky landscapes in Europe. Laurichhof is right at the heart of things.

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Like separated lovers, they gaze longingly at one another across the river – the historic town centre of Pirna and the Laurichhof. Fortunately for the pining pair, there is a ferry right in front of the suite hotel that takes you over the Elbe to one of the loveliest Old Towns in Saxony. As picturesque as when Bellotto painted it. Relaxed yet alive. A pleasant bustle of cosy shops and cafés. A stroll through the town is a pleasure in itself.

Market square

15 minutes on foot

St. Marien Church

10 minutes by bike

Sonnenstein Castle

20 minutes on foot

Pirna town museum

15 minutes on foot


Tom Pauls theatre

5 minutes by bike

Geibeltbad Pirna

7 minutes by car

Plenty of banks to wend your way along: a little way up the Elbe from the Laurichhof, there is a paradise for adventurers and explorers: Saxon Switzerland. Ramble along quiet paths to windswept summits. Through unspoilt forests. Enchanted ravines. Past some of the most famous rock formations in Europe. Or get there with no effort at all and float back to Pirna on the Elbe. Whatever you choose, this holiday will be a thrill.

Königstein Fortress

60 minutes by bike


35 minutes by car


200 minutes on foot

Glashütte Watch Museum

30 minutes by car


45 minutes by car

Weesenstein Castle

50 minutes by bike

Go with the flow: thanks to the Elbe, we have a natural connection to the baroque splendour of Dresden, the capital city of Saxony. This cultural metropolis is our closest neighbour: it is just a few kilometres from the Laurichhof to the world-famous Brühl's Terrace. A stone's throw for art and architecture enthusiasts. The river will show you the way to an unforgettable experience.

Brühl’s Terrace

100 minutes by steamer

Semper Opera House

80 minutes by bike


30 minutes by car


10 minutes on foot


35 minutes by car

Dresden Neustadt

300 minutes on foot

Blue Wonder

60 minutes by bike

Pillnitz Castle

100 minutes on foot

Military History Museum

50 minutes by bus and train