Happy to be here. To escape the everyday. The highlight of your year awaits at the Laurichhof designer hotel. A hotel that understands you, unique rooms that suit you. Choose from a range like no other. We offer new sights and sounds, and a new joie de vivre that will linger with you – as we’ll even bring it back to your home. Every single part of your suite: we’ve got it all wrapped up.


Floral wallpapers, a potpourri of colours, a sensuous flurry of fabrics, playful stucco and glamourous bathrooms – our romantic suites set the stage for strong feelings. “Je ne regrette rien” sang the famous Édith Piaf. Almost as if she’d been here. And over the river is the beautiful Old Town with its charming courtyards and winding alleyways. Even the French have a soft spot for the savoir-vivre in Pirna.



As effortlessly stylish as the good old days – these suites are true classics. A firm grasp of values, bold accents and as comfortably appointed as a gentleman's club, with a penchant for luxury: marble meets elegant accessories and simple white meets traces of gold. Charming down to the tiniest detail wherever you turn, from the foyer to the bedroom. The rest shall remain undisclosed. As they say, a gentleman never tells.



Care for something a little quirkier? The Laurichhof showcases all the best attributes of the here and now – colourful, exciting, vibrant. Polar opposites are playfully paired: vintage furniture glows in the light of eccentric chandeliers. Loft style flirts with Alpine chic. Concrete and wood, leather and latex, glamour and folk. All giving an impression of meticulously chaotic planning. We call it controlled craziness.



Lilli’s breakfast lounge and our hotel restaurant, the Lazy Laurich, will bring out the gourmet in you. Let our chef spoil you with regional culinary delights. Our menu boasts a feast for both the palate and the eyes. After all, they do say that a good gut feeling means things will work out well.



When rooms need that wow factor. Planning a meeting, a stylish banquet or a cosy rooftop party looking out onto Pirna’s castle? The Laurichhof’s designer setting offers the time and opportunity for all your important matters – and the socialising afterwards. Even if you are not here for work, you’ll still be in business class.



We don’t expect anyone to check in without a care in the world – but you should certainly check out that way. Our service concept is very simple: we want to make your holiday at Laurichhof as lovely and relaxed as possible. Not because of TripAdvisor; because we are good hosts. Go on, make the most of it.



Jump the queue and take a seat in the only theatre in the world dedicated to preserving the Saxon dialect: the Tom Pauls theatre, in the heart of Pirna’s old town. From literature to cabaret, when you stay at the Laurichhof designer hotel, your tickets are already booked. There’s no backstage drama: just smooth cooperation.

The designers

A good host should never leave a cactus by their guests’ sofa; they should never put bananas in their lampshade, and they should roll out the red carpet in front of the door, not behind it. Annette Katrin Seidel and her son Franz Philip Seidel see things slightly differently. That is exactly why their guests at the Laurichhof should feel as if they are in just the right place, and enjoy a welcoming reception.

The two designers from Pirna have an unusual idea for turning the traditional recreational landscape of Saxon Switzerland into a unique holiday experience: a hotel of suites that is as multifaceted as its guests, as inspiring as a showroom and as cosy as an especially lovely home from home.

For Annette Katrin Seidel, the Laurichhof also represents the culmination of her roughly 30-year career – and a piece of family history.
That is something else she would like to pass on to her guests: the rewards of time.

“A hotel that is as multifaceted as its guests and as cosy as an especially lovely home from home – that was the idea.”

Annette Katrin Seidel

Can’t bear to leave your bathroom mirror behind? We’ll even wrap it for you. It’s the only decent thing to do. After all, we can hardly send you home empty-handed once you’ve fallen in love with your new interior design. Your suite is a showroom, and everything in it can become part of your life, from the tiniest accessory to the whole deal. Simply shop for anything you can no longer live without. Along with our collaborating designers, we make your interior dreams come true – in your very own home, anywhere in Europe. Get in touch; we’ll be happy to advise you.